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Rapid installation of Malaysian projects

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Rapid installation of Malaysian projects

Rapid installation of Malaysian projects


Rapid installation of Malaysian projects


According to conventional thinking, how much time do you think it takes to build a “villa”? Recently, it took less than 5 days for the RAD to export parts to Malaysia, which has a unique style. The journey will rise from the ground, and there will be no technical instructors on the spot to guide the whole process. The workers are based on the video teaching and drawings provided by the supplier company. On the basis of the safety and health of the house, the speed of the construction is almost unimaginable.


Speaking of signing a contract with the Malaysian project, the project owner's sense of responsibility for the project's products touched the RAD. Less than a week after the first meeting, the partner proposed to visit the factory site. Undoubtedly, the material selected by RAD will not disappoint customers. A style of doing things in which time is money, RAD has quickly reached a consensus with the partners. The materials for building the villa are ready, waiting. installed.


How is the house built quickly? The operating principle is not difficult to understand, that is, the house is divided into several parts and produced in the factory. According to the list of parts of each suite, it is distributed to the site and built according to standard steps. Knowing the teaching videos and drawings, the workers will be familiar with them at first glance. In this hot weather, the workers still work steadily under the sun, work out the corresponding work plan, complete the corresponding work process, step by step. Install the house components.


The house built in this way, we call it a component-assembled building. Compared with traditional buildings and existing assembly buildings, the component-assembled buildings have more options. Each product is completely renovated inside and outside the factory and pulled to the site. Once assembled, you can check in immediately. Therefore, safety cannot be ignored. Our workers have a rigorous installation spirit, making every detail perfect.


Compared with the traditional on-site production mode, the building is placed in the production line of the factory and then transported to the construction site for assembly, ensuring construction quality, improving production efficiency, improving working conditions, reducing operator requirements, controlling engineering costs, and implementing The advantages of environmental protection and other aspects are very obvious. Compared with the traditional on-site production mode, the integrated house has a unique advantage. This integrated house is affected by the installation skills of the installer, and the skilled installer will give the finished product a multiplier effect.


In the hot summer, the workers must complete the corresponding work schedule according to the work plan in a short time. This high-demand and high-quality work is often supported by experienced leaders, and each project can be perfectly implemented. RAD plays a very important role, as is the case in Malaysia.


RAD's building products have a green and environmental protection concept, which coincides with the concept of tourism ecological civilization construction. The follow-up will continue to promote the world through the good situation, which will definitely promote the existing building system. At present, what our company needs to do is pay more attention to the quality of construction materials, produce products with quality as the core competitiveness, highlight the advantages of our company's products, and bring extraordinary effects to every tourism ecological civilization project. Welcome friends who are interested in ordering to negotiate with us, thank you! ! !

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