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Malaysia Prefabricated Villa Project

Good quality Modern Prefab Houses for sales
Good quality Modern Prefab Houses for sales
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Malaysia Prefabricated Villa Project

Malaysia Prefabricated Villa Project


Malaysia Prefabricated Villa Project


Project: Malaysia
Product: Moon Box
Content:Inspection and shipment of Malaysian projects


Not long ago, RAD PREFABS and the Malaysian project contractor reached a product project cooperation relationship, I believe that in the future, the two sides will carry out in-depth and long-term cooperation in products, jointly explore component-assembled buildings, and let more cultural and tourism projects land in the tourist resort of Malaysia, Malaysia. The part of the tourist villa is smeared with a beautiful stroke, which is self-confidence and strength.


Our company's quality standards:
1. Quantity of goods: All goods are carefully counted. When the quantity is counted, the Chinese label and English label of the goods will be affixed to highlight the name, specification and quantity of the parts in each package. If the quantity found in the inspection does not match, the quantity of the goods will be strictly required.
2. Quality of goods: Usually, the materials and workshop workers are strictly required. When inspecting the goods, the quality of the products is checked again, and the parts are inspected to ensure the quality is excellent. If you find a quality problem, you must rework or replace the product parts.
3. Placement of goods: The goods are placed in a dry and dust-free place to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the products.
4. Labels: All packages will be affixed with Chinese and English labels for the goods, labels made in China and decorative signs.


Our inspection process is rigorous and strict. Every shipment will be carried out in strict accordance with the inspection standard, and the inspection results will be sent to the customer to improve the satisfaction of each customer.


Our company's shipping process:
1. Determine the quantity and packaging of the goods and label the situation before shipment.
2. Use the trailers and workers in the workshop to ensure that the goods are not damaged.
3. After loading the goods, close the container door and lock the container door lock to ensure the safety of the goods.


Our company's inspection and shipment process has been affirmed and recognized by the project company. The quality of our products has also made the project company particularly satisfied. Next, it is to witness the moment when the product starts construction. Let us wait and see.


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