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The supplier is reliable, trustworthy and has a very good attitude. She told me in detail about the material.

—— Siti Aishah

The overall structure came out, good, fast, the installation of the master technology is very good, the surrounding friends see me with approval, waiting for the completion effect. The material used is also very good. I'm very satisfied anyway.

—— Chlyse Rut

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Company News
Frequently Asked Questions - If you are project developer
Latest company news about Frequently Asked Questions - If you are project developer

latest company news about Frequently Asked Questions - If you are project developer  0


Frequently Asked Questions


If you are an developer or investor, you may have these below concerns:


1. How long can I get back my investment and start to have my revenue ?

Compared with traditional building system, the total project turn-key cost is only slightly different when it comes to total materials and labor manpower cost. But the completion time of the light touch modular prefab houses will be much faster, which allows you to get the project running sooner for revenue income and less time to suffer the loan interest.


2. For hotel development project, we value the guest living experience quite much.

Gone are the days that people only worship standard hotel rooms. Especially young people now like hotel rooms with lovely themes, well-designed interiors and good hospitality service.

With RAD prefabs light touch modular prefab units, you worry less about the design favoritism, and more confidence of the good reviews and returned guests. All our designs are from the hand of famous architect Daniel from Australia. None of his designs ever fail our expectation.


3. If we want to redevelop the land again, can we move your built unit model to some other site ?

Yes, the units are easily disassembled, same as they are easily assembled. Only you will need to concern about some construction loss during the disassembling process. But those make-up materials are easily replaced simply by contacting us.


4. Where are our margins being your Re-seller and Distributor?

If you are an end user, we will quote you retailed price.

If you tend to be Re-seller and Distributor, we will quote you resell-er price and distributor price by achieving our sales quantity required accordingly, and you will quote to your end user buyer by adding your mock ups on the house plus your installation service.

5. If I have my own design and I want to use your system to develop my own design, can you do that ?

Yes, we can develop your own design only when order is more than 35 units in 1 order contract.

And the design and engineering cost will be prepaid to proceed before your order confirmation, and will be refunded to you after order confirmation.

We believe it is a fair kick off between us two parties.


6. Is it possible to get a sample house from their company?

Yes, Just 1 unit of trial order is acceptable. You can order single unit of sample house from our company as we don't provide free sample house.

But samples of our house materials are available.

Cost for per package of materials sample kit is USD $120 including courier shipping to your country.


7. Does this light touch modular prefab building system applicable to get building permit ?

Well. This will mostly comes from your local engineers architects, or builders who are familiar dealing with the local councils. As manufacturer in China, we can not provide this service TO GET YOU BUILDING PERMIT.

We can assist you and cooperate by sending you full set drawings after we sign NDA and understand more details about you and your company and will provide the required market standard materials.




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