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company news about Frequently Asked Questions - If you are an end user for the house

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The supplier is reliable, trustworthy and has a very good attitude. She told me in detail about the material.

—— Siti Aishah

The overall structure came out, good, fast, the installation of the master technology is very good, the surrounding friends see me with approval, waiting for the completion effect. The material used is also very good. I'm very satisfied anyway.

—— Chlyse Rut

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Company News
Frequently Asked Questions - If you are an end user for the house
Latest company news about Frequently Asked Questions - If you are an end user for the house


latest company news about Frequently Asked Questions - If you are an end user for the house  0

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are an end user, you may have these below concerns:

1. How can I order it ? What is the MOQ? (Minimum Order Quantity)

The MOQ is 1 unit of house.

You can refer to the above order process.

The payment can be through T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) / Western Union / Alibaba Trade Assurance etc.


T/T is yet mostly utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions.


2. Can I get a better price if I made the same design with other materials and other structure system ?

The framing system is made and precast by aviation aluminum structure(high end structural system); Our wall panel is multi-layer complex integrated wallboard with heat preservation and insulation functions, not to mention our solid wood flooring system and sanitary ware systems all using famous brand Arrow and Toto.

Since our standard units are all highly fully integrated, well-designed, and mostly previously precast. They won’t be manufactured and made any cheaper by other components, nor other designs with same high-end outcome and effect.

We strive to get you a highly quality and cost effective house product.


3. What does the price listed in the website include ?

The price listed includes as followings:

Precast High-quality Aviation Aluminum framing;

Thermal insulation composite wall and roof board;

Floor composite base plate;

Tempered glass curtain wall window&door;

Washing area;

toilet area;

bathroom area;

Shower package;

Wooden reinforced panel;

Integrated equipment room;

Ceiling lamp;

Bathroom lamp;

Porch light;

Electrical fittings and plumping fittings;

Some models will include stairs, balcony, wardrobe, kitchen, decking area.

If you want more details, please send us an inquiry for further information.


4. Can you supply the fully furnished house ?

Yes, we can supply and coordinate the full furnished house for you, ranging from full set furniture, soft decoration, smart home system etc.


Furniture includes:

King size bed/Queen size bend

Bedside table*2


Leisure tea table*1



Soft decoration includes:

Curtain cloth


Four piece-suit bedding

Pillow 1 pair


Pure cotton quilt


Wall hanging picture



Smart home system:

Smart lock

Smart switch

Smart color LCD panel

Smart voice system

Smart electrical control

Smart acoustics system

Smart motor


5. If I simply just have my budget and I don’t have a confirmed idea, what prefab system shall I move forward ?

First of all, you will need to tell us your budget, your initial idea, your house function, local climate parameters, and we will either assist you select from our standard models or make a house proposal for you within your budget. We believe our professionalism will assist you the best and create value for you.

Our goal is to achieve and upgrade your living quality comfort.


6. Does your house material coordinate with my country climate ?

Our aviation aluminum framing structure is high strength, strong hardness and 100% anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

External panel is made by aluminum honeycomb panel that has perfect effect and advantage of insulation and has the same material characteristics like aluminum framing. As the outstanding insulated long-lasting material, our models fit the area whether its Gobi Desert, Mountains or the Sea.

Our light touch modular houses can be applicable for all seasons whether it is summer or winter.


latest company news about Frequently Asked Questions - If you are an end user for the house  1


Above is the specialization of standard units of light touch building.

If your area might suffer tough weather, of which you are not sure the exact specification solution or if the above specs can not comply with your country climate, you may need to send us an inquiry to tell us the required specs data so that our engineering department can calculate our data and adjust the structure.

You can explain and discuss further so that we can have clear figure and picture how to deal with your local climate.


7. Does your house have EU standard ?

Some components of our light touch modular house are made by CE certificate building materials.

Electrical fittings (lighting, sockets, switches, distributor box, wiring and cables), plumping materials, aluminum windows, etc are all selected to be CE certified standard. But reasonable cost will be there if EU standard materials are required.


8. If I order the house, will I get the house materials with different color than the rendering ?

The 3D rendering is our proposal for each standard model, the actual color might be reasonably slightly different than what you saw in the rendering pictures.

If you need to see the physical material color, we can arrange the materials pictures sent to your email or the physical material samples to your address with postage born by client.


9. How can I connect to the local city power and the municipal drainage?

The city power connects with the equipment room of the house. The water inlet and outlet will be connected by the precast pipes under the house. It is super easy connection.

If the water outlet can not connect to the city drainage, then you can use septic tank instead.

If you need a total off-grid model, please don’t hesitate to contact us to express your customized wishes.


10. How is the toilet made of ? Will it have water leakage problems ?

The toilet is made by PVC panel composited with ceramic wall tiles. All the water in the bathroom will be collected by the floor drain that connects to the main outlet drainage pipe.

PVC bathroom panel is a special waterproof and fireproof material without water leakage problems.

Another key factor is the installation details and careful treatment techniques during the bathroom installation process.


11. What kind of foundation to be used for light touch building ?

Light touch building only requires 12 pcs of concrete stumps which is a cost effective foundation method yet enough for load bearing.

More details, please send us an inquiry for the drawings.


12. Can I change the kitchen layout to make space for some electrical appliance inside?

Yes, you can.

The current layout design for the kitchen is our standard design. If there are any changes to make more drawers, cabinets, additional cost will be adjusted accordingly.


13. Can I make my custom house design and customized order ?

If yon would like to apply for aviation aluminum framing system as main structure of the house, we are sorry we could not make client’s customized design when the order is more than 35 units in 1 order contract, due to aluminum structure precast production process .

If you can accept galvanized and aluminum coated steel structure as main structure, then we are happy to give you service for your customized design and order without MOQ requirement.

Yet initial reasonable design and engineering deepening cost will be charged to proceed your custom design before order confirmation, and will be refunded to you after order confirmation. DON’T YOU WORRY !


14. Can I make the custom layout for the current models ?

For current light touch building models, only layouts of cloud villa (120 sqm) & wooden villa II (75 sqm), the layouts can be adjusted reasonably after through discussion with buyers.


15. How can I do the installation at site ?

The installation full set drawings, videos will be sent accordingly after order confirmation. If you still feel uncertain and lack of confidence to install the house based on what you have for the drawings, then you can consider our installation guidance service. We can send an experienced installation technician to teach your installation team.

More details, please reach out to us for the engineering contract and what are included in our full set drawings.


16. Would I need any machinery assistance at site ?

Not at all.

Our materials components and packaging pallets are made and designed to be carried by men and can be transported anywhere.

There is no limitation for the installation site nor restricted by limitation site access of machinery.


17. If I can not find any local installation team, what shall I do ?

Two solutions:

1. You can get 4 temporary workers locally, 1 electrical technician, 1 plumber, 2 normal workers as 1 team, and then you consider our installation guidance service to get an experienced installation technician, to teach your temporary installation team.

2. You can get a installation team with 3-4 technician from our side and then carry out the whole process of installation for you. But if the local council requires the certified mechanical engineer to do the final inspection, then you will need to hire the certified electrical engineer and plumber to do the certain jobs during some days of the installation process.


18. How many people shall I need as one team for installation ?

The best scenario is 4 normal construction workers with 1 electrical engineer and 1 carpenter, total 6 people as one team. If 6 people as 1 team is costly for you, 4 people can be also OK as long as they are well-managed and working efficiently. The usual installation time is 10-15 days based on the experience of the local installation team.


19. If I have any after sales problems, how can I get the problems solved ?

First of all, after the order confirmation, we will sign a warranty term contract to clear all the responsibilities of all possible problems during after sales process.

More details, please reach out to us to get the warranty terms.


20. I am worried about the communication problems during the installation if we need your technician for supervisor ?

This is a critical problem during installation process that could affect the installation process smoothness. The solution is to use the Google translator or you will need to equip the installation team with one translator. Yet if the installation team is experienced enough for this type prefab system, your team can communicate with the technician by drawings easily.


21. Can you provide us the installation process?

Sure, Installation process manual along with full set installation drawings will be provided to you after down payment is made, including foundation drawings, mechanical drawings(M&E), structural drawings, paneling drawings etc.


22. How much time do we need for installation ?

Our experienced workers have made the marvelous achievement to complete a Chongqing project of 48 houses within 20 days. The key is all about efficient project management and the construction experience of the workers.

Therefore, for installation projects in China, our workers will take normally 7-8 days, max 10 days to complete one fully furnished house.

While the installation practice we had in Sabah Malaysia, though the team is local aborigine without construction experience, our guidance technician successfully achieve the project completion within 13 days and the client is happy about the final installation result.


23. What is the life span for the house ?

The framing structure for light touch building is stable and strong aviation aluminum structure which can last more than 70 years even in critical climate. The wall system, internal reinforced wooden panel can last more than 30 years and so do the external aluminum honeycomb panels and rest of our main materials.


24. Can I have the materials list of the standard light touch modular prefab units?

Yes. Many clients will have same concern about our material list and specifications of the house.

Please feel free to contact us to get the material list and materials specifications.


25. I am worried about the house water leakage problems.

The patent design we made for the whole exterior panel locking system, strictly prevents any water leakage possibilities at roof or at exterior wall. The patent locking design plus the silica seal will be double insurance for the air and water tightness.


26. How long shall I wait to move in the house after installation finished ?

The most wonderful point about our light touch building is all the panels we use are All Zero Formaldehyde Emission Materials. After the installation of the whole furnished house, you can live in it right away.


27. What special service does RAD Prefabs offer to stand out ?

1.Project design / engineering / master plan / 3D renderings


3.Manufacturing and supply chain management

4.One stop logistic solution

5.On site installation

6.Project supervision and guidance


28. What documents I will receive after I order from you ?


1.Full set drawings

① Structural design drawing

② M&E drawing (electrical and plumbing)

③ Installation detailing drawing

(P.S. Please try to print the drawings with A3 paper at site during installation, it will be much clearer and easier to be seen.)

2.Material list

3.Labels with shipping mark

4.Installation manual and steps

5.Materials safety checklist

6.Installation tools checklist

7.3D Installation video

8.Warranty terms

9.Certificate of Ex-factory




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